It’s time to pull back the covers: SleepTalker is stretching out to a two-hour weekly live radio show on Triple R. That’s a community radio station in Naarm (otherwise known as Melbourne). If you’re in the area you can listen at 102.7 FM, or stream it on the station’s website, from midnight ‘til 2am Wednesday nights (technically Thursday mornings) AEST.

You can read more about Bec’s plans here, and follow the live show here.

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The music in this audio update is ‘Drift’ by Daniel Birch


Transcript of the audio update: 

SFX: [rustling fabric]

Whispered voice: Hey, are you awake?

Voice 1: You can’t switch your circadian rhythm on and off like a switch, it’s a gradual thing.

Voice 2: Do you think you’re more vulnerable when you’re asleep?

Voice 3: Totally more vulnerable, because you’re unconscious, you’re much more vulnerable

Voice 4: I don’t remember any dreams throughout that entire period

Bec: Are you usually somebody who remembers your dreams?

Voice 4: I remember that I’ve had them. Sometimes they’re fragmented and I can’t piece them together, but I definitely know that they’ve been there and they’ve occurred. And they were important, like I felt that was… again it’s that break from consciousness and you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day things.

Bec Fary (voiceover): This is SleepTalker, the podcast about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark

This podcast feed has been hitting snooze for a while, but we’re starting to stir.

It’s time to pull back the covers: SleepTalker is stretching out to a two-hour weekly live radio show, on Triple R. That’s a community radio station in Narrm (otherwise known as Melbourne). If you’re in the area you can listen at 102.7FM. Or you can stream it at – I would love for you to tune in. From October 17th, I’ll be on-air every Wednesday night from midnight ‘til 2am. That’s technically Thursday morning, 12-2am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I’m still exploring sleeping patterns, what keeps us awake and what helps us drift. But I’m also really excited by the possibilities of late-night live radio.

I’ll be using the time to experiment with longer field recordings, sound art and ambient music. The live version of SleepTalker is less about narrative storytelling, and more about creating a space to meditate and explore. Broadcasting from the middle of the night, I’ll be playing with time, what happens at the edges of our consciousness, circadian rhythms, mental health and deep listening in the dark.

I’ll be playing copyrighted music, and remixing some of the stories you would have already heard if you’ve listened to the podcast – so I won’t be podcasting the show every week. But I’ll be dipping into my archive of unreleased material, and recording some new stuff, so you’ll hear new episodes on this feed every now and then. That’s if you haven’t already culled me from your podcast subscriptions – which I would understand.

It has been more than a year since I released anything new. Please do stay subscribed here if that’s not too much RSS clutter. And every episode of the two-hour live show will be playlisted on the Triple R website, so I would love that to be a space for you to drift through on restless nights.

What a privilege to spend two hours every week in those midnight hours in the Triple R studios. A huge thank you to the station for the opportunity.

I’ll be posting links to the new show on social media, so search for sleeptalker radio on Facebook and sleeptalker pod on Twitter, or you can sign up to my sporadic newsletter at so I can keep you posted.

If you’ve got any sleepy stories or sounds or music or suggestions or questions, get in touch:

Goodnight for now, I’ll see you in the morning.

SleepTalker is recorded and produced in Naarm, otherwise known as Melbourne. This is stolen land that belongs to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land. I’d like to my respects to Wurundjeri Elders and custodians, past, present and future, and to those of the lands this audio reaches.

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