“The deeper you go into your mind, you discover darkness just as much as you discover light…” This episode we’re lucid dreaming with Aaron Gazzola, the man behind www.dream-awake.com.

In this interview, Aaron refers to a study in which lucid dreaming was induced by electric scalp stimulation┬áby Ursula Voss et al. Aaron hopes to recreate the scenario of Voss’ study, and his research into lucid dream induction is ongoing. I haven’t explored the study or its implications in enough detail to be able to adequately cover it. There’s plenty more to learn, and plenty more to say, about that story so we’ll devote an episode to it when the time comes.

You can also read about electric lucid dream induction here. It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: please do not try it at home.

What you should try at home, though, is natural lucid dream induction. Aaron offers an introductory ‘Lucid Dream Equation’, with information and help on how to induce lucid dreams and why they can be beneficial, on his website. Reading, learning, writing and thinking about dreams all help to build a conscious perception of your dreams. Robert Waggoner’s ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the inner self’ is an introductory text. ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind recently broadcast a series of interviews about dreaming, including ‘Dreams: the lucid experience’.

The music in this episode is ‘Sienne’ and ‘Dowl’ by Podington Bear, from the Free Music Archive.

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