Tom Adams and his wife, Lillian Henley, are collaborating on a “gig-theatre” show about Tom’s sleeptalking and sleepwalking.

Tonight on SleepTalker, we hear some of the sleepy mumblings keeping Lillian awake, and Tom talks about the inspiration for the show Elephant & Castle.

Elephant & Castle launches next year. Head to Tom’s website for updates (and while you’re there, have a read of Tom’s blog and listen to more of his nighttime recordings).

I’ll also send an update about Elephant & Castle in my newsletter; from now on, I’ll be sending out an email with links to the best sleepy art, music, writing and podcasts I can find. If you’re interested, head to the signup page

SleepTalker is produced by Bec Fary.

Music credits:
‘Heterotropic (Where We Used to Belong)’ by Bad Bats
‘Blood Petal’ by Blue Dot Sessions
‘The Dream’ by Project 5am
‘Pianofrozebeat’ by Jai Leeworthy

  1. Hello. My name is Melinda. I came across your site looking for sleep talkers on facebook and found
    this site. For many years now I have been sleep talking. It was hard for a long time, as a single mother when my kids would have to wake me up from a night tremor, ( screaming, help me etc) or talking, swearing, etc. As they got older its almost accepted now. However I mostly always feel flogged in the morning s if I haven’t had any sleep. The talking is always when I am dreaming, which are like movies. Some reoccurring. I’ve stayed at peoples houses where they have asked me was I on the phone at 3am. Had my daughter and her friend stand over me and I have kicked them telling them to F off. Whistle, sing and much more. I only have one recording/ video where my son grabbed the moment, laughing in the background. Seen doctors about it . They seem to think it comes from trauma. However I wonder as Tom in this episode and being a musician, maybe artistic people are more inclined to talk. I don’t have a partner and haven’t for a long time. Not sure if anyone would put up with it really. Thankyou . Very interesting.


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