Tonight on SleepTalker, we’ll hear a story from last year. Bec talks to Declan Mulcahy, director of ____day Night’s Dream, about his theatrical exploration of the dreaming mind. Declan recruited seven performers to write their dreams into an immersive play, where the audience followed the cast through the night and into dreamland.

____day Night’s Dream returns at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival; from September 22nd, Declan takes over a Melbourne apartment with a new set of dream adaptations. Find out more about the show at Declan’s beautiful new website

A version of this story (then called ‘Creative Freedom’) first aired on All the Best, in an episode called ‘In Your Dreams’. For that episode, Bec spoke to people whose dreams followed them well into their waking hours. Head to the All the Best website to hear the original. 

SleepTalker is produced by Bec Fary.

Music credits:
‘South Sea Syndrome’ by Scissors For Sparrow
‘Dream 5’ and ‘Dream 7’ by Tonality Star

With thanks to Declan Mulcahy and the original ____day Night’s Dream cast:
Liam Bellman-Sharpe
Rachael Besselink
Scout Boxall
Iryna Byelyayeva
Rémy Chadwick
James Christensen
Daniel Holmes

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